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Mike French & Company, Inc.

Since 1982, Mike French and Company has offered 400,000 different promotional products, graphic design, all kinds of printing, direct mail services (lists and fulfillment), and publishes an industry trade magazine, “A Trade Show in Print” for automotive recyclers in North America: "The Auto Recycler's ToolBox Magazine".


Harmony French - CEO - Business Manager

Harmony French - CEO - Business Manager

About Harmony French

Harmony French has been working for MF&CO for the past 20 years, helping improve the automotive recyclers business’s bottom line with direct mail market advertising. Along with direct mail campaigns for recyclers, Harmony has been engaged as the manager of sales and distribution for the Automotive Recyclers Toolbox magazine as an additional tool for the recycler to enhance their business with educational and instructional “how-to” articles and information from providers of industry related products and services to help them increase the recyclers sales and grow their business.

Harmony is in charge of directing and managing our organization's business activities; including allocating budget resources, coordinating business operations, monitoring and motivating staff, managing operational costs, ensuring good customer service, engaging with vendors and monitoring financial activities. She is in charge of directing business functions that assists MF&CO’s organization in maintaining relationships with clients, generating new business, improving service, ensuring sustainability, and meeting business objectives. Harmony is a proud mother of 3 and enjoys the outdoors and working in her garden.


Mike French - Owner

Mike French - Owner

About Mike French…

Mike French is an author, speaker, publisher, consultant, and owner of a successful business. Since 1982.

Mike French is a Master Marketer, and specializes in creating direct-response advertising that gets results. Mike helps businesses of all kinds attract and keep clients, and his business can be described in the following USP: "We get you more customers like your best customers, and we make your phones ring, Guaranteed!"    

Here's what others say about Mike French:  

"Mike French is always the person that I recommend to business owners seeking help doing promotions of any kind and he has been for decades. If you are engaged in building a salvage business, or any other kind of business, call Mike! - Ron Sturgeon, RDS Consulting 

“I have known Mike French for over 30 years and have seen a multitude of companies use him for their advertising needs.  I especially appreciate that Mike goes the extra mile to make sure a business's advertising dollars are not wasted.” – Jim Counts, Count’s Consulting 

“I have found Mike to be Industry Expert on helping our companies market to a vast untapped world of potential customers.” – Herb Lieberman,  ARA Past President“ 

“Motivating, encouraging, insightful and results driven are words that come to mind when Mike French is mentioned. I have been associated with Mike for over twenty years and every time I have been around him or heard him speak it has been a positive and helpful opportunity. Mike is a proven expert in his field. When he speaks we should all be listening.” – Dr. Stephen J. Mason, Managing Broker, Windermere Real Estate 

“Mike’s business insight of marketing in the professional automotive recycling industry is second to none.” – Michael Wilson,  Former ARA CEO 

“Mike helped me craft a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) then a targeted plan to reach prospects that yielded year over year unprecedented growth for decades. And he made it simple.” –  Carol Roedder, Former Owner Modern Imports 

“Mike shares the owner’s dreams of becoming financially independent, building a happy, successful, and rewarding life, with a clear message; ‘your job is to sell to your customer and you can do it.’” – Ginny Whelan, the first woman President, Automotive Recyclers Association 

Contact: 1-800-238-3934 – mike@mikefrench.com  – www.mikefrench.com