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We can mail to your own customer list, to a new prospect list (that we can get for you), or to a combination of the two. We recommend you mail to both (If you have a customer list to include). We can take your list of customers, merge it together with a new prospect list and remove the duplicates. You will then have a great mailing list that includes both customers and prospects. If you don’t have a list of customers, that’s okay, we can still get you a great list of prospects.

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Mailing List Questionnaire
Please check the SIC choices below, indicating which companies you’d like to reach with your direct mail project. We will email you a free report telling you how many companies there are in the geographical areas you have selected.
We can research by individual zip codes, zip code ranges, by county, by state, or by area code. For instance, a typical research example might be: The entire state of TX, excluding Terrant County, and add following three counties located in Arizona.
If you like, we will do the research for your entire state, break the report out by counties, so you can see how many of your selections there are in each county. We can also (upon request) send you a county map for the state(s) you’ve selected, so you can see where the counties are located within your state. Our report to you, based upon this criteria, will give you a picture of what your marketplace is like. After looking over the report, you can mark up the maps, fax them back to us and we’ll rerun until you get what you need.